Experiences are becoming essential for repeat customers

As written in a Forbes article published today, Seven Customer Experience Strategies To Make Multifamily Properties Profitable, “By adding experience design to the equation, brick-and-mortar retailers are creating customer interactions that will make lasting impressions, turn their shops into destinations and win repeat business.”

We see this happening here locally, as it’s not enough to offer a product, or even just food and beer anymore to get people to become repeat customers. And as published in the Asheville Citizen-Times today in Not just beer: Local breweries add trails, ax-throwing and other entertainment options, Highland Brewing, coming soon with a taproom in the S & W Market downtown, is also adding miles of trails on their east Asheville property. This will help give that experience that consumers are looking for, and keep them coming back for more. We see it as only a positive thing, helping to create fuller, lasting connections in communities and making commerce not just about the product, What experiences do you look for when visiting a store, a restaurant or a brewery? What do you want to see that Asheville doesn’t yet have?

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