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“New to town in 2011, Burns was recommended by a mutual friend and property investor. Relying on his vision for Asheville growth, we secured a piece of property on the South Slope of downtown. Only someone with his expertise could have predicted how the neighborhood would explode with breweries, restaurants and businesses. Today the neighborhood is thriving and so is our real estate investment and business. We continue to work together on commercial and residential acquisitions.”

“I’ve worked with Burns from the day we signed the lease on the first Chai Pani, and since then we’ve signed 5 other leases with him as our restaurant group has grown. Easy, straightforward, trustworthy, hardworking - if these attributes matter to you when dealing with, then look no further than Burns!”

“We first came to Asheville without any knowledge of the area and were very lucky to have met Burns, who gave us the service and expertise one should expect from a real estate professional. His unique insight and knowledge of the market helped us find the perfect investments that we were looking for. After ten years he has helped us close many deals and we could not be more pleased with our relationship with him. I highly recommend him.”

“When it came time to find an office space for my new solo practice I chose Burns Aldridge to help me with this as he came highly recommended by experienced Realtors in the area for his candor and ability to match the needs of the buyer with the perfect seller/space. His cheery disposition and confidence seemed like a refuge during a somewhat stressful time! I have been in my new space in Reynolds Mountain for 2.5 years and love coming here to work every day!”

“Burns knows the Asheville market. He has helped me make two of the biggest life decisions I’ve ever made. He brokered the purchase of our family’s dream home and brokered the long-term lease of our new business location. Best of all he’s talked me out of some poor real estate decisions.”

“Burns’ capabilities and knowledge of the field have been excellent. I have used his services to purchase three shopping centers with A+ results. I would personally recommend him any time.”

“I am an attorney with a hundred person firm, and I have specialized in commercial real estate transactions for forty-five years. Ryan was one of the best brokers with whom I have ever dealt in understanding what was important to the parties and working toward an agreement that was acceptable to both parties. My commendations to Ryan.”

“Ryan is my go to agent, his negotiation capability is superb - best in class.”

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The stories behind commercial real estate

On the surface, it may seem that commercial real estate is just about the numbers: how much money a person can make off an investment over a long period of time. And that is part of the story. But commercial real estate, especially in a place like Asheville, is as rich and diverse as it’s people.  It’s the small restaurant that was started by someone with no formal cooking experience and big dreams who now has a line out the door every day. It’s the art gallery that brought an old dilapidated building on an empty corner back from ruin and filled with buyers. It’s the former run-down old skating rink that’s now a popular barbecue restaurant written up all around the world. And it’s the former auto shop that two women with a food truck knew would make an amazing spot for a beer garden.

Every time we work with someone, we get to know and be a part of their story and that is, by far, the best part of this business. There is money to make, and return on investments to worry about, and interest rates and CAM fees. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about being a part of a community, one building, and one story at a time. What’s your story? We would be honored to be a part of it.

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